Mirror Demister Installation Guide

AG Pad Installation

Ag Pad – From plant propagation to photographic processing the Ag Pad is a multi purpose heating pad with a wide range of uses. Ag Pad InstallationInstallation Instructions To operate the element with the thermostat.

Install Wine Tank Heater

Wine Tank Heater – warms the tank slowly to assist in the fermentation process Wine Tank Heater Installation Instructions

Installing on Cabinet Doors

Installation Instructions for Mirror Demister on Hinged Doors

Multi Mat/ Foot Warmer

Footwarmer MultiMat




The Nu-Klear Thermostat is an additional item that can be purchased with the Ag Pad to monitor temperature.    

Wine Tank Heater

Wine Tank

After a number of years of manufacturing a range of flexible low wattage heating elements, Nu-Klear Products realized its product could benefit the wine industry. Our new wine tank heater warms the tank slowly to assist in the fermentation process. Heating Element The heating element is made up of a unique carbon ink laminated between [...]

Ag Pads

Nu-Klear Heated Agricutural pad

Nu-Klear Products launch a new website


Nu-Klear Products have revamped the website to be more easier to navigate and provide better options for customers to purchase the range of products we offer.   We will continue to add new content to the website over time.

Mirror Demisters


The Only Solution for Fogged-up Mirrors Why Nu-Klear Mirror Demisters? Experience the luxury of hassle-free mornings with the Nu-Klear Mirror Demister. No need to short cut your shower to avoid fogged-up mirrors or traipsing to the second bathroom to put on make-up or shave. No more disagreements over who goes first. No more messy, streaky [...]