AG Pad Setup

From plant propagation to photographic processing the Ag Pad is a multi purpose heating pad with a wide range of uses.

The below instructions are for setting up your Nu-Klear Ag Pad with the Nu-Klear Thermostat.

Step 1

Place the element on a table or bench preferably on a heat insulated surface. (i.e. a 25mm polystyrene board).

Step 2

It is recommended that 2 layers of plastic is placed over the element to protect it from sand or grit.

Step 3

Fasten thermostat to wall or fixture so it is eleveated above the element.

Step 4

Plug in the thermostat and set to desired temperature.

Step 5

The copper probe senses the temperature and sends the message to the thermostat.  it is important that the probe is placed in the soil or liquid and not on the element as it is the soil or liquid temeperature that needs to be read.  The element needs to get hotter than the soil or liquid to set the temperature.

Step 6

It does not matter which side of the element faces up or down.

Step 7

If the element gets damaged it should be sent back to the manufacturer for inspection.

Manufacturers Recommendation

Recommend two layers of plastic is placed over the Nu-Klear Ag Pad while in  use, to prevent wear and tear on the plastic cover.

The Nu-Klear Ag Pad must be used with a residual current device.

Do not crease or fold element.

Do not puncture or rip element.

The Nu-Klear Ag Pad should be kept flat at all times and not covered with excessive insulation so heat can escape.