Nu-Klear Wine Tank Heater Instructions

Installation instruction for the Nu-Klear Wine Tank Heater.

The Wine Tank Heater warms the tank slowly to assist in the fermentation process

Step 1

For best results the Tank heater should wrap around the base of the wine tank avoiding doors, taps or protrusions. The heater should wrap as far round the circumference as possible.  The element can overlap provided the outside layer is not firmly attached to the inside layer. The foam insulation faces out.  This helps force the heat into the tank.  To improve efficiency of the heating process extra layers of insulation can be added to the tank.

Step 2

To attach the element to the tank we recommend that a 50mm wide webbing strap be used or a material that will not damage the outside foam.  String is not advisable unless there is adequate protection between the string and the outer foam.  A wide adhesive cloth can also be used to hold the element in place.

Step 3

More than one element can be run simultaneously on the same tank.  The element is not designed to be subjected to constant moisture.  as the heater is an electrical product it should always run through a residual current device (RCD).

Looking after your Tank Heater

- Never allow the heater to get a hard crease through it.

- Before putting the heater away always make sure that it is clean and dry.

- To store the heater always role heater loosely with the foam side rolled inwards.

- Always roll heater out on a smooth clean surface, e.g. clean concrete or carpet as grit and stones will damage the element.