Nu-Klear Mirror Demister Installation Guide

Step 1

Take a power feed from a light circuit or separate electrical circuit to exit wall where the mirror and demister are to be mounted. We recommend connection be made in flush-box.

Step 2

Staple demister to the wall, making sure it is completely flat. Connect demister wire to electrical circuit, using a strip connector.

Step 3

Adjust the cable coming from the wall to line up with the cable coming from the demister , so that the connection does not protrude from the wall.

Step 4

The mirror can be screwed, glued or mounted in a frame directly over top of the demister. We recommend that the demister be in contact with the mirror. (Note: DO NOT screw through element).

Nu-Klear Mirror Demister Installation Helpful Tips

If mirror being installed is to be screwed into position, using holes in glass, DO NOT over-tighten screws. We recommend screws be finger tight and then released half a turn (DO NOT use powered screw driver for mirror installation). This ensures that there is no tension in the glass. If gluing or taping demister or mirror to the wall, we recommend the following:

Demister – a hand applicated, transfer adhesive tape

Mirror – a double-sided 3mm foam tape (available from most Glaziers) plus use a standard panel-board glue i.e MaxBond or NoMoreNails

Wall - if the wall has a bend or bow, we recommend mirror to be packed evenly from wall, as opposed to “bending” mirror around the wall.